Website Design / 25th November 2016

3 ways website design can help improve conversions

Website design is crucial when it comes to selling your products, and there are things you might not even know are preventing you from reaching maximum sales. Here are just three of the ways in which you could improve conversions through website design.

Tell the user what you want them to do

This might seem like basic advice, but you would be surprised how many businesses overlook actually telling their customer what to do on their website.

You should ensure that if your key call to action is to call, that you have a number clearly listed on the page. If it is to subscribe, investigate whether a pop-up works best for you or whether you could benefit from an enquiry form. This is a simple and obvious point which is often overlooked and on its own can significantly improve conversions through your website.

Make sure your user understands what you do

Again, this appears to be another obvious point, but if you have unusually high bounce rates, this might be why. Your user should be able to identify exactly what your site is, and what you do within 5-10 seconds of visiting.

If they don’t, your website design may be letting you down. Having cluttered pages offering a number of different services, directing the user away from your conversion funnel, or hiding your useful content and calls to action could all be confusing visitors to your website.

Check Google analytics to see what your bounce rates are, and which pages are causing you the biggest problems. Better yet, speak to a specialist website designer with experience in designing to sell. They will be best placed to advise you on what kind of website designs work best for getting your users into the conversion tunnel and doing what you want them to do on your site, thus improving conversions.

Make it easy for the customer to improve conversions

Customers don’t want to jump through hoops to buy your products. Website design plays a crucial role in ensuring you can convert visitors to your site into customers or leads.

If you are compelling your customers to fill out an enquiry form, make it as minimal as possible. Customers are more likely to complete a form if it isn’t too much work. Similarly, make sure there aren’t too many steps in the purchase process. Think about it this way: each step is an opportunity for the customer to walk away from the sale. Your website designer will be able to advise how you might streamline these processes through your website design.

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