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What are the best Black Friday deals?

There’s no doubt you would have heard of Black Friday before, it’s a huge event which happens every year where shops offer discounts of a wide range of products, here we’ve picked out some of the best Black Friday deals.

This year Black Friday is on the 25th November.

It’s something we’ve adopted from the USA around 5 years ago, which traditionally was an event held the day after Thanksgiving. However, this now seems to last for multiple days and even weeks before.

Black Friday is a great opportunity to pick up bargains and to buy Christmas presents, but it does get a bad reception sometimes due to the fact it’s always a few days before payday. As opposed to Cyber Monday which is at the beginning of December, right after payday where everyone is looking to complete their Christmas shopping.

What are the best Black Friday deals?


Amazon Black Friday Deals

These retail giants always have a huge selection of Black Friday deals, they were the first to start promoting the event this year, as early as November 14th! Amazon have various lots throughout the day with a limited number of products to buy, to get the best deals you need to keep an eye on this throughout the event and buy quickly.

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Tesco Black Friday Deals

As you’d expect, Tesco have a wide range of Black Friday deals, from electrical good through to experience days out. Their deals are running from now until the 1st of September.

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Argos Black Friday Deals

Argos has taken Black Friday very seriously this year and have a section of their website dedicated to it. They also have some really good deals on stuff you’d probably want to buy as Christmas presents.

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Currys PC World

Currys Black Friday Deals

Being an electrical retail giant, you’d expect Currys PC World to have some excellent deals, and they do. Such as 50% of Dyson vacuum cleaners, and £600 off laptops. These are definitely worth checking out.

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eBay Black Friday Deals

As we all know, eBay is a place for anyone to sell almost anything. So as you’d expect there are a number of excellent deals to be had, such as a PS4 for £219.99.

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Apple Black Friday Deals

Apple is one of the most valuable and profitable companies in the world. We all seem to love their products and buy them no matter the price. They are one of the few retailers doing Black Friday properly and holding a one day event on Friday 25th November. Be sure to check these out.

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Hopefully you’ll find this useful and will be able to find yourself a good Black Friday deal.


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