Digital Marketing / 26th November 2016

How to build an effective digital marketing strategy

Digital marketing is one of the most effective ways of marketing your business and if done correctly can generate outstanding results for your business.

If you don’t have a clearly defined digital marketing strategy then you need to develop one, if you do have one in place then you should revisit it and refresh it on a regular basis. The platforms for digital marketing are constantly evolving, as are your competitors, so you need to keep on top of this to ensure your online presence is continuing to work for you.

A solid digital marketing strategy should set clear goals for your business, and how you’re going to achieve these goals. No matter how often the platforms available to us change, the basics of a digital marketing strategy will remain the same.

Evaluate your digital presence

Before you do anything, spend some time evaluating your business and your current online presence. Do you already use social media? Do you have a website which is ranking well in Google?

Identify your customers

As you’re running you’re own business you’ll know who your customers are, you know what they like and how they buy. But how do they find you? How do they search for businesses like you online and what’s their shopping habits like?

You need to understand how your customers are going to find you online, or perhaps you’ll need to get yourself in front of your customers on social media. Spend some time researching your target market and build your digital marketing strategy around your research.

Choose the right platforms

There are lots of platforms out there, all of which have their strengths. You need to identify which of these platforms will work for you and should be featured in your digital marketing strategy.

If you’re a retail business then Facebook and Instagram are typically the best platforms for social media, you could then use Google Shopping and third party sales channels.

If you’re a B2B business then Twitter and LinkedIn are the best social media platforms and you’d normally use Google AdWords and email marketing to help generate leads.

Decide which platforms are best for your digital marketing strategy and stick with them.

Set goals

Any digital marketing campaign should be measurable, this allows you to see exactly how everything is performing and see your return on investment. Therefore, you should set goals within your digital marketing strategy. These goals could be:

  • Generate 1,000 new visitors to my websites month-on-month
  • Increase my followers on Twitter and Facebook
  • Increase my conversion rate to 5%
  • Increase the number of leads generated through my website

There are lots of different goals you can set. Pick the goals which best suit your strategy and your business, stick with them and measure the results on a regular basis.

Set a budget

It’s easy to get carried away with digital marketing and continue to throw money at it, we always get our clients to stick to a budget, it’s so important. Choose your budget wisely and make sure you don’t go over it.

When your budget is returning a good ROI, then you can slowly start increasing the budget to increase the number of sales and leads you receive.

Evaluate your results

Evaluate your results on a regular basis to make sure you’re getting a good ROI. Don’t be afraid to make wholesale changes if you need to. It’s easy to get carried away and waste your budget on areas which don’t provide a good return, so measure your results regularly and make changes as necessary.

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