Our Work / 21st November 2016

First place local SEO results for Suffolk based client

We have been working with TJ Construction for 2 years now, in that time we have designed and built a new website as well as undertook a local SEO campaign.

Our local SEO campaign was aimed at targeting keyword relating to their business and location, such as ‘building company in Suffolk’.

There’s a lot of competition in Google for building and construction companies in Suffolk, there are some very large companies who are also performing local SEO on a regular basis.

After lots of hard work, we’re thrilled that their website is now ranked number 1 in Google for the keyword ‘building company suffolk‘.

This keyword is one of the most searched for relevant phrases in their industry, so it was important that the website was found as high in the search results as possible.

Local SEO results

We’re continuing to work with TJ Construction on their local SEO campaign to ensure it stays number one and continues to generate good quality traffic and leads.

How did we achieve these rankings through local SEO?

A few years ago it was as simple as stuffing a page full of keywords and you would eventually be found in the search results. Google is much more clever now and rank websites on a number of factors.

We optimised each page of the website around keywords specific to that page, we then continued to add and edit content on a regular basis to ensure the website was up to date with fresh content.

We made sure TJ Construction had a Google Places account and therefore appeared on the Google Maps. We also ensured all information regarding TJ Construction was identical everywhere it appeared on the web. This is very important, if there are conflicting entries for a company with different telephone numbers or slightly different addresses, then Google isn’t sure which is correct.

We then continued to monitor and optimise the website on regular basis. Now the SEO work we’ve implemented is paying off and generating a healthy visitor count and quality leads.

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