Website Design / 9th December 2016

Turning your homepage into a landing page

It’s impossible to overstate the importance of your website’s homepage. It acts as a gateway to the rest of your site by providing a hub from which all the other sections can be easily accessed.

It is also the first page of your site that many web-users will see. Because it is both an introduction to your site and a navigational hub, it is important to ensure that your homepage provides a clear explanation of your business and that it channels customers to the parts of the site that are relevant to them. In short, it needs to operate like a landing page in certain ways. We’ve come up with several website design techniques that will make your homepage work like a landing page without compromising its value as the heart of your site.

1. Use video to introduce your business

Have you ever considered deploying a video on your homepage to introduce your business? Videos are a very effective way of explaining your business to new site visitors without confusing them or overloading them with text. They deliver information in an engaging, entertaining way, yet their content can be taken in passively: the viewer doesn’t have to actively read large blocks of text or other content. When you start creating a video for your homepage, we recommend that you think about how you would introduce a product using a video on a landing page. Attempt to mimic this technique, but apply it to your whole business instead of a specific product.

2. Clean up the page’s layout

An important part of designing an effective landing page is minimising distractions. You should also follow this principle when designing or redesigning your homepage. It’s important to ensure that web users who land on your homepage can find what they’re looking for easily, even if they have never visited it before. This will help them reach the part of the site that is relevant to them more quickly while simultaneously reducing your bounce rate. The simplest way to eliminate distractions and make your homepage easy to navigate is to adopt a clean, minimalistic layout and design. You should also use a streamlined navigation system (such as a top-of-screen navigation bar) to assist users in reaching the pages they want.

3. Establish trust

A vital part of introducing your business to new customers is demonstrating that you are trustworthy and reputable. If your business has any certification from a recognised authority within your industry, you should display it on your landing pages and homepage alike. You can also display feedback and any awards your business may have prominently.

At Evolution, we understand that the ideal homepage should function as both a hub and a landing page. By following the website design tips we’ve provided today, you can ensure that your homepage meets this standard.

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