Website Design / 23rd November 2016

Website design: does your website serve your user?

Your website design is more important than you might think. You want to be sure that the colour scheme and branding accurately reflect your business, and that there is adequate information on your site to get across to your user what it is your business does.

However, there are a number of key aspects of your website design that may be causing you to lose customers, or that could assist you in converting more visitors to your site into customers or leads.

How website design can help conversion

Your website is essentially your shop front online, and you want to be sure customers can find what they want, find advice and information on the products they are thinking of buying and make their purchase or further enquiries with ease.

Many websites fail to make the buyer journey simple for customers, and as a result, lose out on a great deal of business. However, there are a few website design issues you can think about which will allow your site to better serve your customers.

You may be familiar with the marketer’s mantra ‘content is king’, but what use is having great content buried deep in your site? At Evolution, when our clients have dedicated time or invested money in having content created, we want to be sure visitors can easily find that content.

Website design can guide visitors to your best and most useful content, allowing them to make better decisions about your products, and encouraging them to trust you as an authority in the products or services you sell.

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Furthermore, you want to be sure customers know what they are supposed to do, and what you want them to do when they come to your site. How many times have you visited a website only to leave right away because you have no idea where you are supposed to go?

An excellent website design can greatly reduce your bounce rate, and improve your conversion rate, simply by making it clear and simple for customers to do what you want them to do. If you want customers to buy, make it easy to do so. If you want them to make an enquiry, ensure you have a phone number and enquiry form in easy to find areas on your site.

At Evolution, we aim to create a website for you that produces results and communicates with your clients/visitors well. Contact us today to find out how we can improve your website.

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